After spending a week in Turkey we convinced ourselves over lunch that we needed to extend our trip, justifiably because we were already across the world. Greece happened to be close by and starting in Mykonos seemed only natural. We arrived at Petinos Boutique Hotel, situated right on the secluded beach of Platis Gialos, on the southwest side of the island. Just in time for our first sunset in the Greek Isles, we instantly fell in love with the immaculate white architecture lining the hills and leading right to the ocean. we enjoyed live music at our first Greek night in our hotel's restaurant, Blue Myth, over grilled octopus and tzatziki topped with shrimp.

Deliciously mellow with the ability to completely give into slow mornings are what give Mykonos that charming and beachy island vibe. Consequently, the habitual slow mornings set the tone for perfect days that turn into long nights and that is when this lively little island shows its other face. 

Here, simplicity is key. Apart from our fabulous hotel breakfast buffet and a stop at the mini-mart to provide us with the sunscreen we forgot to pack is all we needed, and we were off. Walking down the only path in sight, leading straight to the most picturesque beach I have ever laid my eyes on. Psarou Beach, home to Nammos Beach Club was just steps away. We were greeted by mega-yachts, white sand, and electric blue water... Setting the tone for total bliss. 

We spent the entire day basking in the sun with rosé, passionfruit slush martinis, and breaks between their indoor-outdoor restaurant serving exotic hookah pipes while the humming of tropical house music surrounded us. 

The following day we rented a car that most definitely shouldn't have been classified as automatic. Revving around the small island we first hit the most popular beaches, really getting into our free-spirited side as we had no idea where we would end up. In the middle of nowhere stood a roadside gem, a tiny all-white church, with the iconic royal blue doors and windows. We couldn't help but pull over and bask in the contrast of colors. 

We relished in our surroundings at both Paradise and Super Paradise beach drawing major crowds during peak season. Twenty-five minutes North we found Panormos, the backdrop of this beach similar to a delightful combination of a tropical dreamland and Machu Picchu, with hills of staggered greenery. 

Last on our list was to roam around Mykonos Town for a late lunch, weaving around each corner and browsing boutiques for jewelry, clothes and other trinkets. After getting the royal treatment from hot Grecian men in their minimalist boutique and as a result dropping way too much money, I had really worked up an appetite. We found ourselves at Kavos Restaurant, eating the usual -  crispy calamari, grilled octopus, and Greek salad. We washed our meal down with ouzo, as close to the water as you can get.

When it was time to navigate back to the car we encountered some issues when we literally got lost in a sea of white for hours. The almost identical buildings seemed to be copied-and-pasted for miles and they were so tall it was hard to guide your way back. By the time we returned, instantaneous relief set in when I saw our little rental car and that the parking lot gate was still open... On to the next one.


Hit List


Petinos Boutique Hotel, San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos


Psarou Beach, Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos Town for shopping and food.


Nammos Beach Club, Scorpios, Caprice Bar, Astra, Hippie Fish


Kavos, the grilled octopus is a must have. Catari, Nobu Matsuhisa, Buddha Bar